Chrome Knurled Handlebar Bag | Lenkertasche

Chrome Knurled Handlebar Bag | Lenkertasche


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Minimalistische Lenkertasche von Chrome Industries. Die Rolltop-Lenkertasche für dein Smartphone, Butterbrot, Geld, Notizblock. Leichte, wasserdichte Radtasche für jeden Tag!

Features a fully padded main compartment to protect items if you take a spill as well as a submersible roll top closure. We use Knurled Welded™ seams so you can hose it down along with the rest of your bike after a muddy ride. It fits on most bikes with two velcro adjuster tabs along with a pull cord stabilizer strap to keep the bag from rocking forward. Like the rest of our Knurled Welded™ series, we made the Handlebar Bag our of a 600 Denier poly with a waterproof PU coating and then welded the seams with our patented Knurled Welded™ design to make the only welded bag construction that can live up to our standards. Guaranteed for life.

• Fully padded main compartment to protect items
• Submersible roll top closure
• Knurled Welded™ seams to keep water out
• Lifetime guarantee
• 600 Denier poly
• Waterproof PU coating
• Welded seams
• Built in Chin


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